Monday, June 9, 2014

It's been a while but by popular demand, BAGAD is back!!!I did this shoot with Savanna a while in 2013 with the most sincere intentions that it would used in my blog but my business Rose Riot Photography got busy and well, you know.... I had so many people come up to me and message me about BAGAD, asking if they could be featured and when it would be up again. This blog is just something I decided to do for a creative outlet and a way to show the world all the amazing and creative women I know. I wanted to help promote their creative endeavours. So I BAGAD is back, the people have spoken and I am listening! If you or someone you know is a bad ass girl and you want the world to know it, I would like to help. email me at and let's make some magic happen. 

I met Savanna through friends. She is a lovely girl with a vibrant personality. She does a little of everything, works with kids, event and party plans, photography and other groovy stuff. Check her out here:

turn-ons: sincerity, intelligence, board games, people who revel in contradictions

turn-offs:  liars, cheaters, thieves...basically anyone who doesn’t believe in karma or intentionally hurts other people.  plus Atlanta traffic.  and polo shirts.  

guilty pleasures:  fat cats who love belly rubs, driving around blaring 90’s music

what makes you want to be a better person?  my wonderful friends, being surrounded by so much beautiful music and art, and all the negativity and ignorance I see in the world

first concert:  Mariah Carey.  My dad took me for my birthday when I was 13.  I still think he’s a saint for doing so :)

favorite books: too many!  Fahrenheit 451, The Stranger, Harry Potter series, most anything by Hunter S. Thompson

favorite movies:  Amelie, Almost Famous, Love Actually, Trainspotting, most Tarantino and Wes Anderson flicks rock...

favorite TV show:  Arrested Development, Mad Men, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Game of Thrones

Where would you go if you had a time machine?:  Ancient Egypt, Elizabethan England, or 1960’s London/NYC

pets:  two adorably giant jungle kitties, Mowgli and Baloo

people I admire:  

weirdest job:  I briefly reviewed bars for a blind dating site when I moved to Atlanta.  But then, I used to work on Wall Street, and now I tutor the SAT, photograph, and throw maybe all my jobs are weird?

favorite song to sing karaoke:  Say it Ain’t Sooooo or These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

favorite city :  Atlanta...or Dublin.  I lived there for a summer and it was fantastic

in the morning….:  pshh, what’s that?  I don’t get up before noon unless it’s a really special occasion :p

what is your message to the world:  Live hard, love harder, and create the beauty you want to see in the world

As always, feel free to check out my stuff at , and I'm on instagram too!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Danelle, Dog and Donuts, bad ass things that start with D


I met Danelle recently when I was shooting a social media conference called Barkworld. She was accompanied by the huge, polka dotted, standard poodle named Truman. As soon as I saw Truman I knew I wanted to show the world this amazing looking creature, somehow I needed to find an angle to use Truman on my blog. Truman being both a boy and canine doesn't meet the normal criteria for Bad Ass Girls and Donuts but as I soon found out his mom, Danelle did and bingo!

turn-ons: My husband and some good 80's music. Brings back great memories.
turn-offs: hmmmm.....I don't want to be rude.
guilty pleasures: Krispy Kreme donuts when the "HOT NOW" sign is lit - a whole dozen at one time and not having to share them with anyone.
What makes you want to be a better person? watching my kids grow up

first concert: I really can't remember.....probably Amy Grant.

favorite books: "The Power of One", "The Night Circus", "A Prayer for Owen Meany", and pretty much anything by Pat Conroy

Where would you go if you had a time machine?: the wild west, without a doubt! I'd have a horse and a side-by-side shotgun, which, incidentally, I do have but no wild west to go with it. I live in the city.

pets: A Paso Fino, 5 cats, and the most awesomest dog ever, Truman!

 foods you crave (besides donuts): haha. I swear the Krispy Kreme thing above was totally honest and had nothing to do with this blog or this question. Food I
crave.......? French fries dipped in honey mustard sauce.

weirdest job: Well, I travel around the world teaching people how to groom cats so I think that pretty much qualifies as a weird job.

favorite song to sing karaoke: a parody rewrite I did of "Before He Cheats" entitled "Before She Speaks." I performed this in a couple of creative grooming competitions with Truman and one of my cats, which we won, by the way. It was fun, especially since I'm a cat groomer and I beat the dog groomers in their own competition.

favorite city : Montreux, Switzerland in the morning....: I drink a soy latte. Venti.

What is your message to the world: Don't give up. Quitting shouldn't ever be an option. In other words, don't be a pussy.

Danelle is the founder and director of the National Cat Groomers School. When I met her she was promoting a product she help ed develop called Chubbs.

Are you a bad ass? Do you have a bad ass product or accomplishment you want the world to know about? Email me and tell me all about it. I would love to have you here on my lil ol blog.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Joy of Donuts


 I met Joy as I meet many people (lame as it may sound), through social media. Joy, like me is a busy full time free lance photographer (among other things), so our crazy, ever changing schedules make it a challenge to meet real live people unless they are clients. Joy and I chatted for months before we actually met in face to face. I liked her immediately, she seemed to be humble, a quality I adore in people especially photographers. Joy is a dedicated hard worker, she has her own business and is the creative director for as well as Project5A Studio.
When Joy isn't calling the shots in the studio, she is traveling the globe. This girls flag some miles! I always look forward to her tales of travel and the photographs that go with them. Here is her latest blog post about her whirlwind trip to Dublin, Ireland.

turn-ons: Good conversation, good hygiene, accents, people who like coffee.

turn-offs: laziness, negativity, selfishness, and know-it-alls.

guilty pleasures: Margaritas & Wedding cake. I feel like if I’m at a wedding I have to try the cake even if it doesn’t look good. When your job is weddings that’s a lot of cake.

What makes you want to be a better person? If I’m a better person I’m able to help others better themselves.

first concert: I won tickets to Blink 182 when I was 24.. I wasn’t cool until my mid-twenties.

favorite books: Anything by Michael J Fox, Dan Brown books, Vegabonding- which started my world traveling.

favorite movies: Anchor Man & Fight Club

favorite TV show: Recently it would have been Breaking Bad

Where would you go if you had a time machine?: I could make something up but to be honest it would be back to a time that I could have a conversation with my dad.

pets: Stella my amazing mini greyhound – she’s kind of a big deal.

foods I crave (besides donuts): Thai, Chinese, Italian - really I am very impressionable when it comes to food bombing (people posting photos of food on social media)

people I admire: Besides family or friends.. Michael J Fox, Alan watts, Tina Fey.. If it wasn’t midnight I could probably think of more.

weirdest job: When fax machines were a big thing, I worked in a call center that sold people $300 all inclusive vacations to the Bahamas.. I later found out that it was a scam. Sorry if you were one of those people- I have no idea how they got your number.

favorite song to sing karaoke: Journey! No, kidding. I love the version of Beautiful Girls by Rome from Sublime.

favorite city : Dublin Ireland

in the morning….: After wishing I had gone to bed earlier.. I check every one of my social media sites and gmail then coffee. I’m a busy lady.

What is your message to the world?: Stop making excuses. Do something awesome every day. 

If you or someone you know is a bad ass girl, contact me at
Also feel free to check out my site
 and my facebook page
 Rose Riot Photography.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Friend For The End Of The World

Photography has been an vehicle for me to meet amazing people. Katlin, for sure falls into the category of amazing. I met Katlin through the magic of social networking. Her husband answered a model call and assured me that he knew a girl who would be perfect for my blog. He was absolutely right! She is a wonderful combination of smart, caring, sweet, tough as nails and an absolute bad ass. I would definitely invite Katlin into my zombie bunker should the occasion ever arise. Katlin brought along Lucy and Mia. Katlin has been fostering Mia and would love to find a forever home for the sweet baby. I can attest to her adorableness!

"Everyone can do something to help make the world a better place and it all begins with simply caring enough to do something. "-Katlin

What makes you want to be a better person? The fact that one day there may be zombies and the more prepared I am, the better chance I will have to save as many humans as possible before they become the undead. This is one of the reasons I hunt, exercise, and won Fear Factor at Universal Studios Orlando, because fear should not be a factor that keeps you from doing good in the world. My faith is also a huge driving force in my life for wanting to be a better person. As a Christian, the greatest commandment that I have to follow is to love God, love others and love the person God made me to be. It's not always easy, but loving people is worth it. I am also called to take care of people who cannot take care of themselves, a calling that has lead me to becoming a hardcore feminist and fighting for equality everywhere that my voice reaches. 

Oh and of course I have to mention my doggy. As the proud pet parent of a Pit Bull type dog, I am constantly aware of their misrepresentation in the media and of people's biased attitudes against them. I have heard horror stories of people who have been denied adoptions, had police shoot dogs in their own yards, and had their dogs ripped away from them and killed for no other reason than the fact that they are Pit Bulls. Anyone who has ever met a Pit Bull knows that they are anything but cold blooded killers. Ever since the first day I saw her at the shelter and her deep brown eyes looked into my soul, Lucy has given me a new cause to fight for and a new view on the person I could be. Every day I try my hardest to be the person I see when I look into her eyes. She is as much my hero as I am hers and I love her for every ounce of her 65 pound cuddlebug self. 

Check out this site for more real info on Pit Bulls

turn-ons: Nerdy people, the smell of books, honest discussions/debates, kindness. 

turn-offs: Sexism, racism, ignorance, narrow mindedness, people who think they know everything. 

guilty pleasures: Musicals, Pinterest, and scaring people (especially my husband) by jumping out from dark corners. 

favorite books: This question is like asking if I have a favorite star in the sky. I am an avid reader and am never without a book close by. But some of my favorites  are Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, The Chronicles of Narnia, the Space Trilogy, Till We Have Faces, and The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel by Michael Scott, The Song of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce, Wicked by Gregory McGuire, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, 1984 by George Orwell, A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans, Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn, Looking for Alaska by John Green, The Grimm Brothers Fairytales, and so many more. 

favorite movies: Lord of the Rings, V for Vendetta, Dr. Strangelove, Harry Potter, basically all superhero movies (especially the X-men movies), Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Dumbo, Brave, Pitch Perfect, Equilibrium, Ever After, Clue, Pan's Labyrinth, Zoolander, Sean of the Dead, and Hook,  to name a few.  

favorite TV show: Doctor Who, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, New Girl, The IT Crowd, Merlin, Sherlock, How I Met Your Mother, Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Star Trek (especially the Next Generation). 

Where would you go if you had a time machine?: I don't care as long as the time machine was the Tardis and I could go with the Doctor. 

pets: 2 lovely lady kitties, Luna and Zelda, and 2 wonderful dogs, Stanley a black and white Pit Bull/Lab, Lucy a red and white Pit Bull (possibly mixed), and our foster dog Mia, a white and brown Pit Bull who is available for adoption!

foods I crave (besides donuts): French toast with real maple syrup, hot tea, chocolate covered strawberries, avocados, spinach pie, chili, biscuits and blackberry jam. 

people I admire: Rachel Held Evans (a Christian Feminist writer), Father Chris Hannum (an Episcopalian chaplain and personal friend/mentor who has fought for social justice, equality, and the freedom of children from sex trafficking for a many years), Malala Yousafzai (16 year old girl shot by the Taliban who now preaches peace and the importance of education), my amazing and creative husband who fights for equality with me and is my partner in crime in this crazy life, my little sister, my awesome friends, all the people out there who never give up on life, and everyone who cares enough about other people and animals in this world to do something to make other's lives easier and our world a better place. 

weirdest job: Being a monster at Netherworld

favorite song to sing karaoke: "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor

favorite city:  Anywhere with a good bookstore

in the morning….: I stay in bed as long as possible and, when I must get up, I make a big cup of hot tea and enjoy some time with my kitties and doggies - especially Lucy. 

This is Mia, she is available for adoption!!!!!

What is your message to the world?: Care. 
Too many people in our world are completely apathetic towards the suffering of our fellow living beings in this world. Every single day children die of preventable diseases, dogs and cats are killed in shelters because no one wants them, homeless people die from exposure on the streets, young girls die from STDs they have gotten as a result of a life of forced prostitution, depression and mental illness claim the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every year, and on and on. There is so much pain and suffering in the world and I know that no one person can make a difference for everyone who is hurting, but everyone can make a difference for at least one person or animal. 
My little house is full of rescued animals (from shelters and the streets) - including our foster who is still looking for her forever home - , and one day I hope my (bigger and safe house) will also be full of adopted children. Not everyone can adopt or foster for one reason or another, but most of us have room in our lives and time we can make in our schedule to help someone else. In Atlanta, you can volunteer with Stand Up For Kids an organization that works with homeless children who live on the city streets. Visit for more info, and if you can't volunteer send some clothes or supplies. Also try volunteering at your local animal shelter. Most shelters are always in need of people to walk dogs and socialize with the cats and dogs. You can also donate to food banks, work at a local homeless shelter, adopt a family for Thanksgiving or Christmas (, or buy a goat or wheelchair or one of many other things for people in impoverished parts of the world ( You can sponsor a child through or and for a little more than $1 a day provide food, clean water, and an education for a child. Or even just buy McDonald's or Subway or other local restaurant or store gift-cards to hand to homeless people when they ask for money for food. You can work to bring awareness to the plight of children being bought and sold for sex. Speak up against racism, sexism, homophobia, breed discrimination, street harassment, bullying and other forms of oppression. As a wise man once said "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good [people] do nothing." (Edmund Burke). 

           Feel free to contact me and visit my website:

Also you can see updated stuff almost everyday on my Facebook page:

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Atlanta Donut Apocolypse


My most recent model Katlin, expressed an interest in killing zombies and I knew just where to go for that. I asked her to meet me at the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse grounds for some camera and zombie shootin'! This is just a sneak peak of my shoot with the adorably, bad ass Katlin. More photos and fun answers to her questionnaire to come soon. Meanwhile, Bad Ass Girls and Donuts would like to take this opportunity to spread the word about the AZA.

                           Bad Ass Katlin and Lucy takin' a donut break from killin' zombies.

Atlanta has had many nicknames through out the years, "hotlanta, the dirty south (or souf in you're so inclined), The A, and my personal favorite The city Too Busy to Hate. However,  It would be more apt to call Atlanta the City of The Living Dead. Atlanta plays host to the Walking Dead T.V. series and more zombie runs/crawls/events than you can shake a rotting stick at. The best Zombie experience open to the public in is the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse. The AZA takes place on a huge piece of land  and an abandoned motel right off Moreland Ave. This year there are three interactive experiences to choose from at AZA.  "Return of the Curse" which takes you through some Blair Witchesque woods and into the possible clutches of chanting red cloaked coven members all while zombie attempt to grab you for brain feasting purposes. The next fun choice is"Zombie Killer", an opportunity to do some actual zombie hunting in the abandoned hotel with 100 paint ball rounds and last there is my favorite of the three, "The Super Secret Attraction." I wasn't allowed to photograph in there due to the secret nature but it was full of horror eye candy and…zombies!
AZA provided just as many spooks as it does laughs and is the most interactive haunt/attraction I've ever attended. I don't scare easily and I found myself startled many times, when I wasn't grinning or laughing.

You can purchase tickets for one or all three.

 The pre show process is a well oiled machine at AZA. There is an assembly line of scabs, blood and rotting skin application.

Pre- show meeting, all zombies and secret society members present and accounted for.

 Zombie cleavage
 Stay out of the woods!
Scary hallways perfect for zombie shooting and secret symbols written in BLOOD!

                                    RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

      For more information about show times and tickets, visit

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Powdered Donuts Are Pure Bliss

Virginia Bliss
I met Miss Bliss, when I was doing a promotional shoot for a rock opera written by Hart Deer. She was  a very patient and easy to work model, so I instantly liked her! Shortly after the promo shoot, we became facebook friends and we started commenting and liking each others daily musings. From what I could tell and found out to be true was, Virginia is a doting mother, a scientist in the fields of molecular and microbiology and  a bad ass singer and bass player for the band Verge of Bliss. Check 'em out!

turn-ons: anything to do with rock music, respect

turn-offs: misogyny, negging, pushiness, telling me my band sucks, unwanted physical contact

favorite activities: playing music, hanging out with my daughter, being awesome with my boyfriend

guilty pleasures: celebrity ghost stories, eating raw vegetables

ambitions: to be a pokemon master 

best concert: Whores, Royal Thunder, and Kylesa at the Earl, New Years 2011

favorite books: most works by Friedrich Nietzche and Hunter S. Thompson, Eric Maple’s compiled works on witchcraft and demonology, assorted grimoires including the Adam Kadmon series, The Cannibal Hymn, Gods and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, I’m With the Band, The Beauty Myth, the Blue Cliff 

favorite movies: Un Chien Andalou, Hellraiser, Anchorman, 200 Motels, Yellow Submarine, Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii, There Will Be Blood

favorite TV show: The X Files, Twin Peaks, Paranormal Witness, Tom Goes to the Mayor, How It’s Made

sports played: swim team, tonsil hockey, naked coed wrestling

pets: I used to have a cat named Snakefinger but she ran away.

foods I crave (besides donuts): carrots, green beans, broccoli with ranch, tendon and tripe pho, tequila (but alas no more!), rare steak

people I admire: L7, Babes in Toyland, Brody Dalle, Dave Grohl

weirdest job: dominatrix

 song to sing: Tourniquet Man by Mars Volta

  sexiest city in the world: Montgomery AL

  in the morning: I drink coffee or diet Dr. Pepper and do   industry related research on the internet.

good first date idea: Go to the Earl or Smith’s Olde Bar   for a kickass show! This only works if you are sexier than the musicians playing ;)

what is your message to the world: It’s on the Verge of Bliss album Enabler, which you can download on iTunes or at!!! Alternately you can check out my experimental noise project at

If you are a bad ass girl and want to be apart of this project, email me at :

My goal is to promote women,their hard work...and donuts!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

...Along came a spider who sat down beside her and sweet Christine offered to share.

I met Christine a few years ago when we were both "jeerleaders" for the Atlanta Roller Derby. I was a member of the "Stix Army" and she was a "Sake Bomb." We were on opposing teams but our love for photography,silliness and cool things killed any attempt at a rivalry between us.
Christine agreed to meet me at Revolution Donuts in Decatur. We were joined by a  fellow blogger Don De Leaumont of "The Great Southern Brainfart" and a fun little spider friend. Christine is a girl the appreciates Wednesday Adams moments like sharing a donut with a spider. This is one reason I like her!
 Check out Christine aka lady Abigor's photography work!

 turn-ons: Sexy, nerdy guys who make me laugh

turn-offs: people that aren’t open and honest about who they are.

favorite activities: photography, long night time walks, watching bad horror movies

guilty pleasures: I don’t have a guilty pleasure but I do love Pokemon. 

ambitions: accomplish more with my photography.. Gallery show!

best concert: Nine Inch Nails, Charlotte NC

favorite books: So many to name…

favorite movies: So many to name… I love sci-fi, cheezy horror movies and documentaries. I recently watched a documentary about artist Wayne White called Beauty Is Embarrassing.

favorite TV show: So many to name… For now, Breaking Bad

pets: Black Cat named Edward [He had a regal quality and the name fit]. Black/ greh shih-tzu/poodle mix named Desmond [When he’s a little shaggier, He looks like he has a little bit of a Scottish beard. I was heavily into the tv show LOST and the name Desmond just fit.]

people I admire: Orson Welles, Marilyn Monroe, Trent Reznor, Warren Ellis.. such a long list..

weirdest job: It wasn’t as weird as it sounds but I was a phone sex girl for a year.

favorite song to sing karaoke: “Kids in America” by Kim Wilde

favorite city : So far… Atlanta. I love the skyline!

in the morning: Feed and cuddle the cat and dog  

good first date idea: Midnight movie at the Landmark Midtown and cocktails at the Highlander.

What is your message to the world?: Try harder to be better to each other weather it be a fellow human or animal or whatever. 

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in this blog, please contact Rose Riot at
Feel free to check me out on FB and visit my website